A Customer Experience That LITERALLY Crawls Off The Screen

One thing you might not know about me, is that I love scary movies!

One of my favorites is “The Ring.” and it just so happens that Paramount pictures put together this amazing promotion, which creates a customer experience that literally crawls off of the screen.

As you can see, they set up a fake display wall in an electronics store and then brought in groups of customers under the premise of giving them a presentation on different kinds of TVs. Then during the presentation a secret panel opened and an actress dressed as the girl from “The Ring” crawled out to surprise them.

As you can imagine people freaked out, and so far the video has gotten more than 7 Million views and been featured on shows like Access Hollywood!

How’s that for the power of customer experience?

Horror movies are not just my favorite type of movie; they also do a great job of any type of movie of creating a FANTASTIC experience for the viewer.

From the special effects, to the camera angles, to the music, everything is carefully thought out and designed to create a specific emotional experience in the user.

Nothing is left to chance.

It’s not a coincidence when audiences scream, or gasp; it is all the result of a carefully designed and executed customer experience.

It’s the director’s job, to know how to put it all together to keep the viewer invested and on their toes the whole way.

Which is exactly what your job is as a business owner when you create your own customer experience.

When done correctly you should know exactly what your customer is thinking and feeling the entire way and be able to anticipate and exceed their needs!

Creating a fantastic customer experience is like telling a great joke. It’s not enough to have great material; you have to make sure to take your audience on a journey through a specific range of emotions; whether it’s excitement for your product or surprise and fear at a girl crawling out of a TV!

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