About CXFormula

We’re passionate about experience.

Growing up, we were in love with theatre and the idea of storytelling.


As we got older, we entrenched ourselves in Broadway productions, Rock and Roll touring shows and Fortune 500 live corporate events.


Through those early years, we quickly realized that theatre is business and most businesses are challenged with how to tell their story in a way that connects them to their customer.


This void in the connection between the business and customer creates a road block to reaching enhanced customer engagement; from making your customers become brand loyalists and not just consumers.  We looked at this void – and saw opportunity.


Drawing on our early experiential backgrounds and advanced business acumen, we’ve developed a way to leverage the learnings from one of the oldest and most successful businesses in the history of man, show business and theatre, to create a powerful formula – the CXFormula™.

The CXFormula™ Program takes you on a holistic journey through your own business in order to see it from a fresh perspective – your customer’s.


You’ll learn a process to evaluate all angles of your customer touchpoints, your internal operations and your strategic vision – helping you design it or refine it…depending on your specific needs.


Through our various products including: our flagship online training program, our immersive, hands-on workshops and our individual and group coaching programs, you’ll gain the knowledge, the tools, and the motivation that will allow you to transform your customer experience…


…A transformation that will reignite your employees and engender your customers, creating remarkable experiences and relationships, and ultimately, profit and growth.


Read the bio of our Founder and Chief Experience Officer, Jason Friedman, to see how he achieved success – and how this same success can be achieved by you.

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