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Understanding the Customer; Being Authentic in your Marketing; Figuring Out Your Why

Segment 1: (Length :04:00) – General Updates; Introduction to Jason Friedman and his journey as an entrepreneur; his theater experience; journey into story telling with Creative Realities.

Jason’s finer points:

When I left that world (touring and rock and roll), I had an opportunity to help a retailer to bring that excitement, that raving fan. That exciting passion for their customers to come into their store and be wowed and buy more stuff and be more engaged.”

“My background is in theater actually. I went to school, I did theater my whole life. I was a lighting designer and guy that built sets and stuff like that. Became a roady for years. Did rock and roll tours with some amazing bands like Rush and Peter Gabriel and things like that.”

“For me, the show business aspect, staging a show, putting on a performance, having literally raving fans jumping out of their seats, yelling and screaming, and applause, and standing ovations, and whatever. There’s an adrenaline rush.”

“What I didn’t love about it was the monotony of doing the same show night after night after night. I loved getting to know the fans and figuring them out. The audience, when they’re there, have the best time of their lives and they become a fan for life.”

It was like 1997/1998 and more and more people were starting to purchase online. What we did is we went in and created this “experience”, this show for people.”

“They got the ability to learn more about the brand, get to connect and engaged in the brand, got to be really immersed in the whole experience in a way that made them want to stay loyal to that brand and want to buy more products and services and tell their friends about it.”

“We went through a whole discovery process to really learn about their customers. What was important to them? Who were they? All that kind of stuff. Then we were able to put together a story that was tailored to those customers.”

“That’s how I bridge the theater stuff into the business world. I created a company that was able to do that.”

Segment 2: (Length :04:00) – Talking with Jason Friedman; starting CXFormula™ and the customer-centric mindset; Approaching customers and their behaviors.

Jason’s finer points:

“I think so many people will complain about their job or current lot in life without ever realizing that they don’t have to … That’s not a one way street that they have to go down.”

“They can use that. It might not be where they want to be. They might be going to a job that they hate, but use that experience to really fight for something bigger that you want to come to fruition in the future.”

Customer centric mind set, it is a little buzz-wordy right? It’s a cliché to some extent. If you take it back and you really think about what it means. Everything that makes your business work. If you don’t have customers, if they’re not buying from you, if they’re not putting positive review out online now days, if they’re not telling their friends about you, if they’re not spreading word of mouth, you’re no where.”

“There’s a lot to it. When I say customer centric mind set, what I’m looking for from people that I work with and I coach and consult with is to really get to understand, if you put your customer in the center, who is the right fit customer for you? I think you should have the right customers too. Not all the customers that all of the businesses have today are the right customer.”

“Sometimes businesses have to completely fire all of their customers and start over and vice versa. A lot of businesses get fired by their customers and have to start over. Their has to be a match and an understanding. It’s about the value that you create for those customers.”

“If you think about your customers very deeply, you get to understand your customers in a way that you can actually articulate what their pain points are, what’s bothering them, what their frustrations are, what their opportunities are, if you could actually explain their situation, better than they can explain it themselves . . . if you can explain their situation in such a genuine and authentic way that they feel it throughout their entire body, you win. You win every time. It’s so important to understand them that deeply.”

Once you understand them that deeply, you can start to provide more and more value to them and they will in turn reciprocate with more and more value to you.”

“I don’t think customers are always right. I do think that you have to understand your customers, you have to connect with them, you have to provide value to them and you have to not have the wrong customers in the mix. You have to be aligned. That’s kind of how I think about that mindset that you have to have.“

Segment 3: (Length :04:00) – How language plays into your business; Understanding his “why” and creating success around it; Selling his company;

Jason’s finer points:

“I think that especially now that there is more not only online businesses, but just more online interactions even with brick and mortar businesses that are starting to develop an online presence. This is a window into your world, it’s a window in to your business.’”

The language that you use, the imagery, all the things that you do are so important, they are sending a message.”

“Beyond that, I think that a lot of businesses struggle. In my own business that we ultimately became very successful, in the beginning, we struggled. I had sleepless nights for probably 2 or 3 years. We hadn’t figured it out and we weren’t connecting with our audience.’”

“We took a step back and we started to really kind of figure out from the customers point of view. We put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and said, “Why am I going to engage with Jason’s company? What is going to be in it for me? Why do I need them? What are the values that are going to come back to me from this? What are the pain points that are going to be eliminated?” We got really, really granular with that as we started to talk about it.”

“There were these epiphanies that were happening. “Yes, these guys totally get us. We totally want to be working with them.” Then they would fight to work with us. What was actually even more interesting was the way that we packaged our language and our processes and our tools and the value propositions that we would share with our clients, they started to use them as generic terms for things.”

I believe that there’s the two sides. You can have the things that happen by default or you can have the things that happen by design.”

“If you actually designed the perfect business, or the perfect relationship, or the perfect work life balance or time with your kids or time with your whatever, you have a much better experience. You have a much better shot at being happy.”

“What I’ve always done whether it be thinking about my business or my employees, or my customers, or thinking about my vendors, my partners, or thinking about my own life, my kids, my friends, I’m driven by why. Why are things important? What I understand about the power of why now, and I’ve been learning more and more about it over the years.”

“I started to play with my ‘why’. Over the years, the more I started to play with that, the more success I had in everything. I didn’t start out doing it in my own personal life. I started doing it in business and dealing with it there and all of my customers and all of my employees.”

“We came up with this idea . . . Instead of giving our employees a job description, we gave them this thing called the position mission which was their big “why”. How do they connect with the company’s big why, but why do they matter.”

Why I do what I do. I sold my business and I had an opportunity to do anything I wanted at that point. I actually was not allowed to talk about customer experience anymore for 5 years after I left that company. I went back to it because helping make the world a better place, helping people understand how to surprise and delight people, it’s infectious.”

“Being able to work with entrepreneurs. That’s why my focus is on entrepreneurs, I love working with entrepreneurs as you guys do. I love the thinking I love the creativity. I love the disruption in stagnant industries. I love the way they think about it.”

“My why is I want to help 10,000 small businesses and entrepreneurs really crush it and change their quality of life. Increase their freedom, increase everything that they want to increase so that they have a better quality of life.”

“I know how great it is for them and how great it is for their families and how great it is for the world. I know how great it is for me when I’m able to do that. For me, what I wake up everyday and do is a gift. A blessing that I have the opportunity to do this to work with such amazing human beings that are really trying to get their message out, or their story out or change the world or make things better.”

“You have to be in touch with what’s important. It may take a little while to uncover it. My best advice for that is keep asking why. Whenever you get to the next level, why. Ask yourself, “well, why do I want to do this?” Then ask it again, “Why do I want to do that answer to that.” You go 5 levels deep and you get there. It’s the most motivating and inspiring things.”

Segment 5: (Length :03:00) – Hustler Thought of the Day:

People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.” – Simon Sinek


Jason Friedman – Serial Entrepreneur & Founder of CXFormula™

  • Jason Friedman, founder and CEO of CXFormula™, helps fast-growing, entrepreneurial companies gain an unfair advantage over their competition through the art and science of designing their “customer experience journey” – a step by step process for delighting customers in a way that turns them into raving fans for life.
  • Jason has increased his clients’ same store sales over 400%, raised over $6 Billion USD for endowments and propelled client loyalty, profits, referrals, team commitment and engagement using his proprietary CXFormula™ methodology.
  • He was named Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the year for business services and made the Inc. 5000 list for three consecutive years.
  • His clients range from Fortune 100’s to solopreneurs in industries as diverse as retail (Foot Locker, Adidas, Nike), hospitality (W Hotels, Universal Studios, Disney, Burger King), financial services (Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Fidelity), higher education (Stanford & Harvard Universities) and Online Services / Information Products.
  • In 2008, Jason sold his first company (Creative Realities) in the high 8-figures. He has started and successfully exited 4 other businesses: medical diagnostics, automotive, spirits and a digital media software platform.
  • Jason’s passion for crafting exceptional customer experiences was born in entertainment, where he worked as a lighting designer/director and roadie for Peter Gabriel, Rush and international Broadway tours of Jesus Christ Superstar, Fiddler on the Roof and Man of La Mancha.



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