What It Takes to Craft the Perfect Customer Experience, with Jason Friedman

Just like everybody else, your customers are on a journey.They want to discover ways to solve their problems, get answers to questions that keep them up at night, and improve their lives – personal and professional.

Now, most entrepreneurs know that. And it leads them to think that their prospects will cherish the opportunity to learn about a solution to their struggles, no matter what. To them, it seems that the only thing that matters is putting the offer in front of those potential customers.

So, if that’s the case… then why do brands keep losing business on a regular basis? Why don’t more people convert to paying customers?

The answer lies in the customer experience.

To maximize conversions and growth of your business, you need to captivate your prospects’ attention at the right time, with the right things. The fact is, when your customers encounter an offer for the first time, they don’t see it as some sort of serendipitous, just-in-time answer to their prayers.

In fact, to them it’s just the opposite – an unwelcome interruption in their day! Just another company, trying to sell them something. Ugh!

Fortunately, there is a way to be welcomed by your potential customers, as opposed to attracting their anger, or (even worse) being ignored by them.

Your brand needs to invest the time and effort in crafting an impeccable customer experience. If you succeed in forging a strong bond with your potential customers, they will see you as something more than “just another company”.

And to achieve that, you need to make sure they enjoy every interaction with your business!

That’s why we think you will enjoy today’s Get Genius podcast! This week, we have a special guest, who lives and breathes customer experience. He helps fast-growing companies gain an unfair competitive advantage by designing terrific customer journeys.

This week’s guest is the one and only Jason Friedman, Founder and CEO of CX Formula! And he is ready to share what he knows about wooing your customers faster and better.

Here’s a bit of background on Jason – and we’re barely scratching the surface here!

  • Jason started out in theater, of all places. He credits his experience in the arts as the main reason he became so brilliant at crafting great customer experiences.
  • For his work, Jason was named Ernst & Young’s NJ Entrepreneur of the year for business services. His largest company was also featured on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies for 3 years in a row.
  • He has worked with remarkable brands like Adidas, Nike, Bank of America, institutions like Stanford University and Harvard. Jason’s clients include Fortune 100 companies in industries as diverse as retail, hospitality, financial services, online services, and info products.

Jason knows more than anybody about what it takes to unlock incredible profit potential and business growth by creating the best customer experience for your market. In this week’s interview, you can learn his hard-won insights on the topic, and get an amazing freebie in the process (check out the show notes below). Enjoy!

Here’s what you will learn:

Introducing Jason Friedman [00:30]

The story of how Jason went from theater to marketing [03:01]

Understanding storytelling, and its potential for marketing [07:10]

How to truly understand what your target market cares about [14:02]

The essentials of crafting your customer experience [23:40]

Keeping a consistent vision to build trust with your customers [28:50]

Your loyal customers [31:45]

How to do the unexpected, and turn it to your business advantage [39:05]

Resources from Jason:

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