I Didn’t Expect THAT!

Are you doing any last minute shopping for the Holidays?

It’s at this time of year that customer service standards come under the most pressure.

More people. More lines at the checkout. More requests for assistance.

It can all equal More Stress!

Maybe you’ve noticed some businesses are coping better than others? (I sure have!).

The thing is, the Holiday Season is the PERFECT time to delight our customers.

Firstly, you’ll likely stand out against the sea of businesses who are just “scraping” by or who may have already “checked out” for the end of the year.

Secondly, it’s the season for giving and receiving and your customers are ready, willing and able (maybe moreso than at any other time of the year) to join you in making a little “magic”.

So, what can you do to leave YOUR customers saying, “WOW, I didn’t expect THAT!” these holidays?

Here is an inspiring story about how one business created an EPIC “I didn’t expect THAT” moment…

WestJet “Christmas Miracle” Makes Wishes Come True

For the past few years, Canadian low-cost airline, WestJet, has been granting Christmas wishes over the holidays.

Their most famous WOW moment was back in 2013 when they asked passengers on two flights what they wanted for Christmas and then while the flights were in the air, they acquired all the gifts that had been asked for and then rolled them out on the baggage carousel for passengers to collect when they arrived at their destination.

I bet there was a bunch of people saying “I didn’t expect THAT!” at baggage claim that day (and, by the way, that video went on to be watched over 45 million times, so the WOW moment was spread far and wide).

And WestJet has gone on to grant thousands of wishes since that first epic campaign.

Now, you may not have the big budget or resource of a WestJet, but simply by focusing on the question “How can I leave my customers saying “Wow, I didn’t expect THAT” these holidays?” you’re already making a step in the right direction.

And if you’re looking for some ideas on how to do it, here’s a recent interview I did with James Wedmore for his hugely popular “Mind Your Business” podcast where I share some tips on ways small to medium sized businesses can create WOW moments. 

(Could be the ideal thing to listen to in the car as you do your holiday shopping!).

CXFormula Mind Your Business Podcast with James Wedmore and Jason Friedman

If you want to see the WestJet campaign I was mentioning, you can watch it here:

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