What I learned selling $125M in Products & Services

Happy New Year!

I wanted to get in early, while you’re thinking about your year and deciding on your priorities…

Because you really want to use this time to get your mind turning on something that’s set to make a huge difference in your business this year…

It’s going to determine

  • how much money you make
  • how much fun you have and
  • how sustainable your business is over the long term…

But most people miss it.

Or at the very least, misunderstand it.

They don’t know that it’s the quiet revolution that’s going to sneak up on them this year (if they’re not prepared) and cost them a ton of money, customers and peace of mind.

And it’s something I discovered works, beyond a shadow of a doubt, when selling more than $125 million in products and services…

You see, as the founder of one of the TOP Customer Experience (CX) firms in the world, I was lucky to work with hundreds of companies across the globe.

From the time I founded my business in 1997 to the time I sold it (2008) and stepped down as CEO (2010), we sold over $125 million dollars in products and services, grew a team from 1 person to over 1,000 employees and contractors and had offices in major cities around the world.

And it was all built on this one idea that I want to make sure you have on board as you start YOUR year…

And that one idea is that you need to give your customers an EXPERIENCE

You can no longer differentiate yourself with your products and services.

People want an experience – whether you sell $1 widgets or $100,000 consulting services.

In fact, people are DEMANDING an experience.

And they’ll pay more to get one.

So, if creating an awesome experience for your customers is not at the top of your “to do” list this year, it could mean you’re starting on the back foot already.

Because while designing a Customer Experience (CX) used to be a “nice to have”, in 2017 it’s become a “must have”.

Remember, I got to work with dozens of the world’s most successful companies and I was able to see, firsthand, the techniques and strategies that worked…and the ones that didn’t.

It was like my own experimental laboratory, which allowed me to hone my skills and develop my Customer Experience (CX) Formula…

And I can tell you this with certainty…the companies that used my formula to systematically design and engineer their customer experience – had amazing results…they won over and over and over again…

And that’s what I want for you…

I’ll be posting throughout the next several weeks to give you some tips and support around exactly WHERE to start and HOW to design your Customer Experience journey so you can turn your existing customers into raving fans AND get new customers as well.

Click here to learn more about how the CXFormula can provide you with the methodology and approach to design and deliver the right Customer Experience that creates RAVING FANS for your brand!

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